We all know how much of a craze Pokemon Go has already created among millennials, so the question is how can we use this craze for our businesses?

Before i dive deep into marketing tactics using Pokemon go, i need to explain some features of Pokemon go so you will have a perfect idea of what i am talking about.

Pokemon go is a dream come true for Pokemon fans like me, where we can actually become Pokemon trainers In Real/Augmented life.

This article is intended for marketers, so i will be skipping the features like players, gyms, eggs etc. and will only discuss the ones which are required.

If you want to know everything about Pokemon go please google it or visit their website www.pokemongo.com.

All right let’s begin!

The main feature of this game is to find and capture pokemons and to do that you have to walk and walk.

Then Pokemons start appearing and you throw your Pokeballs at them and capture them. If you are not a Pokemon fan you might find what i said funny.

But don’t worry, carry on reading and you’ll make sense of the madness. After all, this article is primarily about marketing, not gaming.

This article contains:

  1. Pokemon Go and Local Marketing
  2. Marketing Ideas using Pokemon Go
  3. Taking Marketing to the Next Level using Pokemon Go
  4. Marketing by Organizing Pokemon Go Events
  5. How to Leverage Clients for Even Bigger Events

Pokestops: Everything Revolves Around Them

The first term you need to know is pokestops, see image below:

pokemon pokestop

[fact text=”Yup, that’s my profile, the blue icon is a pokestop and those cute little monsters are pokemons if you don’t know about them.” type=”gen”]

PokeStops are blue shiny places in Pokemon Go, which enables you to collect items such as eggs, Poke Balls, revives etc.

These will be located at selected places like landmarks, monuments and art installations.

There is a news that Pokemon Go will be adding sponsored pokestops, which means if you want to add a Pokestop to your business’s physical location you can buy or rent it.

Lure Modules: Marketing for PokeStops


The player can place a lure module at any PokeStop to increase the amount of Pokemon who will spawn in that area, and ofcourse all the players in that area can catch these little monster.

In simple words, if a poke stop is equipped with a lure module, tons of Pokemon will appear in that shiny blue pink area, thus Pokemon mon players will come running.

You can get lure module by either purchasing from the in-app shop or by leveling up. The first lure you can get as a bonus is on reaching level 8.

Integrating Local Marketing with Pokemon Go

From where I’m standing, Pokemon go is the future of local marketing and some brands here in UAE are using it really well.

I am based in UAE so here are real life examples of how brands are utilizing Pokemon Go, despite the fact that Pokemon go isn’t officially launched in UAE yet and there are not as many players there will be once it is launched.

I am a Pokemon go fan and i have dedicated 2 hours for it daily which is also my walk and workout time.

The main action of the game is capturing Pokemons by walking around. Luckily i have 2 landmark attractions near me so i select one daily and go there for a walk.

One is Al Majaz Waterfront and the other is Al Qasba.

Al Majaz Waterfront Pokemon Map & Pokestops


Al Qasba Pokemon Map & Pokestops


Now both these locations have two things in common, lots of Pokestops & Brands like caribou cafe, Baskin Robins, Pizarro etc.

So how brands are utilizing Pokemon go to attract more and more customers?

In Al Majaz Waterfront there are pokestops in Pizarro and Caribou Cafe.

What both of them are doing is adding lures to these pokestops which results in a huge crowd gathering, more possible customers.


[fact text=”You see these two pokestops on the left and right of my character (me). The left side is Pizarro and on the right is caribou cafe.” type=”gen”]

Now, the hot weather of UAE is forcing many people to sit inside caribou and Pizzaro… and people like me actually order something when they know they will be here for an hour or two. Everyone’s likely to order.

That’s Lure Modules converting in direct sales.

In simple words, if you have a Pokestop in your brand’s physical location or right next to it, put a lure in it and see the crowd coming.

Simple right?

That’s just a basic idea, the real game changer is taking it one or two steps further.

Some businesses actually took it a step further, see some really good examples below.

Marketing Examples & Ideas using Pokemon Go

CitySen Lounge is giving 10% Discount to players who are in blue team, Team Mystic


The owner of this business is a typical gamer 🙂 


That’s a brilliant idea to attract players, Free Signature pretzel


Now this one is my favorite, they are giving 4$ discount to any player who used a lure in the pokestop available in their location.

That lure would bring in lots of players, means more clients/business.


Yeah, That’s true… I have to use my wife’s mobile phone to play pff.


A really good way to sell power banks i guess.


Taking Marketing to Next Level Using Pokemon Go

Adding sign boards or giving incentive to Pokemon go players is a good way to market your business as you have seen above in images.

Here are a few ideas i just thought of which you can use to take your Pokemon go marketing to the next level.

Organizing Pokemon Go Events

There are multiple types of events you can organize for Pokemon go players which can increase your sales and improve branding.

Brands like Caribou Caffe & Pizzaro already have a huge fan following on social media and many of them would be Pokemon trainers, that’s for sure.

[fact text=”If you want to specifically target Pokemon go players from your entire audience on facebook you can do that as well, see image below” type=”hack”]


So what you can do is announce on your social media channels that you are hosting a special event on this date/time for Pokemon Go players.

All players are invited to join us on this date/time absolutely free for full day non-stop lure in pokestops.

It can get even better if your marketing team do something creative and you promote it on facebook by specifically targeting people in the area who are into Pokemon go.


I just checked and there are 49,000 people interested in this topic. Keep in mind Pokemon Go isn’t launched in UAE yet!

These numbers will grow crazy as soon as it’s launched.

Also, I am not saying that make this event for Pokemon players exclusively. But yes do reserve an area near your pokestop for them if this is an in-house event.

Here are a few ideas which hit my mind:

  1. General Pokemon Go Event
  2. A Pokemon Hunting Event
  3. Epic Pokemon Gym Battle Event
  4. Pokemon Go Cosplay Event (Why did i thought of that..)

One thing is certain, to make this event success you need to provide value. So here are a few tips you can follow.

How to Make These Events Interesting & Successful:

  • Give all Pokemon players discounts (25% off maybe) on purchases.
  • Reserving a special area for them, i am sure Pokemon players would love to meet other players and form groups etc.
  • You can also give free drinks depending on the players in-game level.
  • You can also give some incentive or free drink to the player who will catch the most powerful Pokemon in the event time.
  • If by any chance your business location is near a Pokemon Gym, you can organize Gym Battle event!
  • Most Important (Trust Me): provide resources like phone chargers or power banks & Free Wifi.
    This app is battery & mobile data hog.

1. General Pokemon Go Event

As discussed above this event doesn’t need to be anything fancy, all you need to do is provide the players a place to get together and have fun.

Ofcourse it can be only successful if you provide the players with lure enabled pokestops, phone charging option and free wifi.

You can also follow the tips i gave above to make the event successful like giving a discount or a round of free drinks etc.

2. A Pokemon Hunt Event

This could be a big event as much as i know and understand UAE folks and market.

As soon as Pokemon Go will be officially launched in UAE, you will be able to pinpoint which pokemons are available in what locations by using a service called pokevision.

Then you can create a hunt route which can help in finding rare and powerful pokemons. The rest is simple marketing.

If i can get an option like this, i will gladly pay a little fee to go on a hunt. Because normally players don’t know which Pokemon will popup out at which location.

We can only see the pokemons who are near us in the game.

3. An Epic Pokemon Gym Battle Event

If by any chance your business location have a nearby gym or you can afford to host the event near a Pokemon gym, this could result in an even bigger audience.

And that ultimately means more business.

Not only the high-level players but also new players who want to sit and enjoy the Pokemon gym battles as a live match, will join this event.

There are total 3 Pokemon team types:

  1. Valor (Red Team)
  2. Mystic (Blue Team)
  3. Instinct (Yellow Team)

[fact text=”You can arrange team players sitting area based on their teams, this gives a mental boost and pumps the user in co-operating with other players.” type=”hack”]

How to Leverage Clients for Even Bigger Events

Now that i have shared with you what you need to do to reach the next level of marketing, don’t stop here!

You can go even further, give the event type a try which you think is good for your audience, and make all attendees your prospects.

Capture their contact details like email or contact number, so you can leverage it later for your next, even bigger event.

Trust me, your success will start snowballing. That’s what happens, that’s how gamers are. I’m so sure because that’s who I am.

I will take my fellow gamer friends next time with me.

Branded Pokestops & Gyms

Even though it’s not official yet, it is almost certain that Pokemon go will let businesses sponsor their pokestops and gyms, once that happens you know what do right?

So keep an eye on Pokemon go news and announcements.


This entire article is actually my conclusion and driven by real-life examples near me, but let me still make it very simple in a couple of lines.

Pokemon Go is viral and people are crazy about it, so don’t miss this chance to utilize this craze in getting more business.

If you have Pokestops & Gyms near your location utilize them, if not then ofcourse you can wait and get sponsored ones.

Host events, this will increase the loyalty of your fans and customers. Personally, i switched from Starbucks to Caribou cafe only because of pokestop and lure availability.

So that’s how it is for addict players like me.

Let me know your thoughts and if you have any ideas as well. i will add them in this article ofcourse with full reference and link back 🙂