Smart business owners know how important Holiday Marketing Campaigns are, and will never take them for granted. Marketing campaigns are the soul of businesses- they tell us how successful your business have been, how successful it is at the moment, or how successful it will be in the future.

Marketing campaigns can show how esteemed you are among your customers, followers or fans. It can also show how much your customers perceive and appreciate your brand. If there’s something wrong somewhere with the performance of your brand, it can rectify it.

If you have a business that isn’t doing well, retrace your steps and check your marketing campaign or campaigns. You probably teed off the right path somewhere there.

So marketing campaigns are a big thing, and when they are used in the right ways and manners, they can bring for you a lot of goodies.

Holiday Marketing Campaigns

If there ever is a time marketing campaigns are effective, it’s during Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other popular holidays. Without a shred of doubt, these are the best moments for put out some marketing campaigns.

The mood is lively, the general feeling is good, and the wallet is fat during holidays. Always fat. There is always a frenzy as people are ready to spend money, and they need that creative holiday marketing campaign to give them that gentle nudge to make that purchase.

Holiday marketing campaigns are special. If done the right way, they can bring in tremendous never-seen-before success. That’s why every brand always pushes out some form of campaign during the frenzied festive season.

Now, due to this expectation during holidays, everywhere is agog with thousands of holiday marketing campaigns as marketers go haywire. However, not all holiday marketing campaigns are great. While some are creative, warm and results in increased sales and profit, others are outright stupid and ridiculous. You may lose fans if you don’t communicate with them in the right way.

What? Why is that? It’ simple.

I think it’s because the audience gets lost in all the jostle and shuffle. Marketers are so busy trying to find the right images or videos to post on social media, that they forget the most important part of the campaign: creating helpful content their audience can easily identify with.

If you don’t put up helpful content that flows with the holiday mood, you probably won’t get that nudge required to make that customer dip his hand into his wallet and buy that product.

So, you need brilliant Holiday Marketing Campaigns to make things happen the right way for you. Here, I’ve compiled 20 of the best:

Special Discounts or Buy 1 Get 1 Free Deals

This is a widely known example of holiday marketing campaigns. Holiday seasons are perfect for this kind of deals and offers. More people go out for shopping during the festive season, and this naturally means more eyes on your goods and more sales. So, it’s a perfect time to introduce special discounts.

shoe dazzle marketing campaign

I’m not a big fan of shopping but when my wife sees such offers like buy 1 get 1 free or buy 2 get 1 free, she ends up buying the stuff we don’t need. 🙂 It’s the same for 90 percent of other women, and many men too. The idea is to make your consumer feel they’re buying more with less money.

This kind of deals not only increases sales but also gives your customers a reason to connect with you for next upcoming deals and offers. After enjoying your discounts they’ll  gladly signup to your newsletter and connect with your social channels.

Event-Specific Special Products

This works exceptionally well if you are selling physical goods and products.

It’s always a brilliant idea to have a product specially created for an event like Christmas or Halloween. It will give your consumers something to look forward to every year, helping you gain more popularity and sales simultaneously.

Some good chocolaty examples are :



Here is another example of the well-known Pokemon Go mobile app.

Get this: despite the popular talk that Pokemon Go is gone and the hype is dead, Pokemon Go generated 23 Million Dollars profit in 5 days, just by announcing a Halloween event!


They used the same approach of providing an incentive to players who will play in these 5 event days.

The incentive was doubling the amount of in-game candies which a player gets by catching or hatching pokemons. This little change helped them get players more active than usual and grossed 23 Million dollars in profit. They’ll probably do something similar in December.

Pokemon Go can be added to your business marketing plan, here is a complete guide and some great ideas for you. I wrote this guide a few months ago and it works perfectly here in Dubai.

Send Holiday Greeting Cards in Email or Post

This is something customers normally don’t expect to see in their post or email. So if you send them holiday greetings, it adds a point in their loyalty for your brand.

If you have an established email list, this process can be easily automated by services like Getresponse or Mailchimp. And your customers will receive email greeting on all events and occasions you setup for.

Add Holiday Flair to Branding

This is a must!

If you don’t go with the season, you won’t make many sales. This means decorating your brand appropriately in the appropriate holiday. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or heavy, a light decoration sometimes makes bigger impressions.

Here in Dubai, brands have developed a clearly visible sense of competition over holiday decorations. Even if they don’t say it loudly, the decoration competition is evident.

This makes sense because it’s all about the eyes- getting the customer’s attention. If you are able to get attention and walk-ins like this, you will get more sales and the customer will look forward to what you are planning for the next event.


Starbucks’s Christmas Branding

Special Holiday Gift Sets

This is one of the most brilliantly used marketing and business technique.

Holidays after all, is all about gifts and celebrations. As human beings, we love gifts naturally, and this feeling is always heightened during holidays.

So you can just create a set of special holiday gift or bundles with discounted prices, and see them sell like hot cakes.

Reward Best Customers

Your customers are your best brand ambassadors, your fans and followers included. They are the ones that propagate your business to their friends and family members.

reward customers marketing campaign

Hence, it is a great idea to reward them either in form of something free or even coupons/vouchers that can be utilized in purchases. This inspires your other customers. In addition, the rewarded customers will most likely talk more about your goodness and love you more.

This is a plus for you.

Publish Helpful, Holiday Themed Videos

Another brilliant example of holiday marketing campaigns is to publish helpful holiday-themed videos. You can create these special videos or what we call video cards and share them via your social channels. They can make a strong impact if they are helpful.

Here are some ideas you can explore:

  1. How to wrap big gifts easily
  2. DIY Holiday Decoration (Halloween, Christmas etc.)
  3. Quick Recipes

However, you should keep these important tips in mind while making such videos:

  • Keep them short and to the point.
  • Explain clearly
  • Tailor each video according to the Social channel you want to use it on, not all networks are the same.
  • Don’t just stick to youtube and facebook, include Instagram and Snapchat in your campaign too.

Launch Social Media Contests

This is one of my favorite of all holiday marketing campaigns. Social media contests. They are a perfect way to get free publicity, which is always good for your business.

So, ensure social media contests are a part of your marketing strategy every holiday occasion. Social media contests won’t only bring you free publicity, it will generate a lot of shares for you and boost your engagement level to a memorable point.

You can ask your fans or followers to do something creative and submit it. It could be a submission of inspiring photos, or gifs or videos, and so on.

As discussed above in the helpful video section, you can ask them to make something by utilizing the tutorial in your video and share photos etc.

This way your audience will be engaged and will remember this event.

In the end, you can pick a winner and give them some kind of prize.


Here’s a well-detailed article on how to execute a successful social media contest.

Facebook Live Reactions Counter Video

This is something new and hot.

Did you get the chance to see videos on facebook, which have live counters in them like heart, thumbs up etc? As the user hits like or other reactions it updates the count within the video.

I did this facebook live video experiment last night on my blog Designzzz’s facebook page. Even though it was published at 4 am, the results were very engaging.

Here is what it looks like:

facebook live stats

Despite the fact it was posted at 4am and was only live for 1 hour, it managed 90+ engagements. I think that is not bad for a page with not much following. Imagine how much engagements you’ll get if you have a very large following.

If you want to learn how to create this runtime reaction counter for Facebook live, see this video:

Shop Online Event

Another great media campaign idea is to add a special discount or deal for buying of products online.

Here are the advantages:

  • More website and Social engagement
  • Great opportunity for email list building
  • Less rush on the physical location
  • It’s an ease for the customer so results in more sales

You can also add some incentive for online buyers to boost and encourage online or your e-store sales.

Pinterest Board

Creating, or starting a Pinterest board under your brand account specifically for a holiday occasion is another creative idea.


Everybody can attest to the power and greatness of Pinterest. Creating a Pinterest board will put your content and products in front of more customers. More Sales and Awareness!

Always remember, however, that not all social networks are the same. Therefore, optimize your content for Pinterest before submitting it.

For a complete Pinterest marketing guide and best practices, see this article by Social Media Examiner.

Holiday Themed Updates & Campaigns

This is an obvious one, but let me just put it here.

Make your holiday marketing campaigns and updates related to the holiday theme to boost engagement. Holiday marketing campaigns are useless if they don’t conform with the holiday in question.

If you have a blog it is always a good idea to post content related to the holiday event a little time before the holiday’s date. This way, it can effectively boost your search traffic on event days.

Here is an example of one of my blog:


Traffic spiked on Halloween because I had some freshly created useful and related content like Halloween graphics, brushes etc. on my design blog for designers.

Email Subject Lines

You can practice this if you already have an email list of subscribers or customers.

holiday email marketing campaign

Add a little flair and excitement to your subject lines to promote sales. By using very catchy subject lines, you can improve open rates. In addition, this makes the email more appealing.

Here are a few examples:

  • Ho! Ho! Ho! Get Mega Discount on your Order
  • 2 Weeks of 50% Discount this Christmas or Halloween
  • 5 Hours left – Get your 50% Christmas Discount Now

And so on.

Introduce a Sense of Urgency

One of my favorite tactics for increasing your sales is always adding a sense of urgency, and by that, I mean putting an end time/date on your deals. Here’s a very good example:

brilliant holiday marketing campaigns

The urgency you communicate springs the customer into action. There is a high chance they will make a purchase if they can see that this amazing deal will expire very soon, compared to a normal product with no sense of urgency.

If your offer expires in 3 hours or 3 days it will sell faster. That’s how it is.

Even Google Adwords included this option for a countdown, so you can get an idea how important this element is.

Here is another example:



This is another brilliant kind of holiday marketing campaigns, although it’s not restricted to holidays alone.

If Remarketing is not a part of your marketing campaign, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. You’re losing money mate, and by the truckload too.

Remarketing is one of the most important ad campaign techniques I know of.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is a process which allows you to show your ads to someone who has visited your site when they visit other sites and platforms.

remarketing holiday marketing campaigns

Let me break it down. In Simple words, if you have visited my site, and I am running a remarketing campaign, many websites or platforms you visit which support my ad campaigns, will show you my ads multiple times. And that is always a good thing for me. Always.

This process helps in mind and decision making of your customer, by showing your product multiple times in front of them.

You can find a well-detailed remarketing guide here, by Neil Patel.

Reward Mobile App Users

mobile app user

It’s time. Let’s now move on to the mobile marketing ideas.

If you have a mobile app and is being used by your customers, give them some extra incentive for using your app.

For example, you can grant your customers a 15% discount if they purchase your goods from their mobile devices.

And if you market this fact you will get a lot new app installs by customers too, for the sake of getting a discount.

Push Notifications

This marketing idea doesn’t need much explaining, it’s very obvious. You can always send push notifications to your customers, using your app about the new upcoming promotions, sales or offers.

This is a good way to retain your customers, and you get even better retention rate compared to email these days.


I’m sure these holiday marketing campaigns will be useful to you as they have been to me. However, note that you don’t have to use every tool in the tool box. Just ensure that you are moderate, thoughtful and creative when using them.

If you understand your fans and give them want they want, they’ll definitely give you what you want.