For Aun Asif


Here i will show you some of the work i have already done and my expertise which includes a case study, keyword research etc.

Few days back i wrote a little case study how UAE market is and can use a viral mobile game Pokemon Go for their business’s success. You can read it here :
So let’s start with one of my  blogs :

you can see the traffic stats below.

Traffic Stats from 12 Feb – 12 August, 2016

As you can see above this is constant traffic.

Top Traffic Sources:



I am in the middle of launching a new blog, so i am going to show you how i plan for content.

Basic Content Planning


After this basic keyword research i look up the top ranking articles in google/buzzsumo, decide content creation process by understanding user intent.

Then i look up in quora and yahoo answers about what type of content related to these topics is asked and answered the most.

I am also managing the social accounts for these sites.

Email Subscriptions/signups

I was able to generate a total of 116,000+ Email Subscribers in less than 6 months using freebies and Lead Generation techniques with facebook and twitter.


Mobile Application:

2 Weeks ago i launched a mobile app for Pakistan’s Ladies. You can find it and take a look at it here :